Fall Fashion

We are well into the cold weather, in some places it’s still not that cold.  It gets cloudy and rainy during the season and you really want to stay bright and happy.  I think you can bring this happiness through  expression of clothing.  I did a special photoshoot with Kabir Olatinwo (portrait Photographer).  Which he captured the beautiful colours in my outfit blending in with nature.


Model/wardrobe: Asma AKA Glazaam

Photographer: Kabir Instagram : Kabir Olatinwo



Dress: Zara

Shoes: Burberry

Bag: Tory Burch

Jean Jacket: Bloomingdales

Location: Toronto


I am wearing my classic watch from Welly Merck it’s simple and chic.  you can get 15% off using my code glazaam15 at https://www.wellymerck.com/products/pioneer-new-york-34-mm


Added A black Choker as the dress has print so you don’t want too much going on or else it will clash with a larger accessory.

I added my pearl embellished Long Jean jacket for those cold days and still be a fashionista walking around downtown.

You can shop my outfit by clicking below

Fashion Designer in the 6ix (RAW)

Hey Glazaamers!!! Good news! It’s been awhile, I have been busy with this project to show you all and who I have met in Toronto! I really love supporting businesses in our area, so we can all flourish and socialize in our own community. I met a Fashion designer, her name is Rachelle and her business name is Rachelle Anne Wear (RAW).  I follow the Toronto fashion community through instagram and found one of her posts and at that time she had a fashion show coming up. She is very dedicated to her work and she follows through with her dreams of being a fashion designer and her hard work and dedication has made her successful. I know a lot of people out there are scared to take that leap to show their real talents but she is a real life example of this, if you have a passion for fashion go for it! She is very creative and full of ideas and this is reflected in her work. I recently had a chance to sit down with Rachelle and talk about her inspirations and upcoming fashion lines. You can see the interview by clicking the youtube link at the bottom. All her RAW pieces are her own ideas as she puts her own edge to each piece. She already has a basic line where you can buy online and a spring line which you can set up a private meeting to add your own personal touch to the RAW brand. She recently finished with her Fall line which represents Earth tone colours. I also had a chance to try on her outfits from the spring and Fall Collection which is included in this post and youtube video.

You can reach out the Rachelle by clicking below on her website or page to instagram.

RAW website: RAW

Instagram: @rachelleannewear



Spring inspiration


Hey Glazaamers!! Spring is around the corner and to those who are traveling or in warmer climates here’s some inspiration.  I love whites with pastels makes you feel sophisticated and fresh.  Great for strolling on the beach or going for some brunch.  These were taken in South Beach after Brunch.  I will link some similar pieces where you can actually buy online.