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Fall Transition in the Six

Hey Glazaamers! I hope you had a great summer and you’re excited to transition into Fall.

A good fashion tip is to add Fall accessories with your summer clothes! This can help you save money 💰 and you can use these accessories throughout the months! Especially in Canada when It’s mostly cold throughout the year. You want to get wear out of each piece of clothing and it’s great to mix and match.

This linen knee length Dress is from Old Navy.  It has red and white stripes, so I chose accessories that matched the details on this dress!


Tip: Choose a hat that will go with most outfits as it’s a great way to style when your in a hurry.   Just throw it on with any outfit.

In my pictures i am wearing runners but you can always change it into knee high boots or even ankle boots.

Now you’re set transitioning into fall… Keep watching my instagram posts,  as I will be posting new pictures daily for the fall season! and you can get some inspired looks for the season !

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Anokhi Media 15 Year Anniversary

Hey Glazaamers!!! I hope all is well. Last weekend on Nov.3rd I was invited to attend Anokhi Media’s 15th Anniversary Event. This all day  fun filled event gave me a chance to wear 2 outfits. For my first outfit I wore a business casual look and the second event was a masquerade ball were I had a chance to dress like Cinderella with my own twist on it.

First event:

Anokhi Power Summit Awards

For the first event I really wanted to use prints and texture for my business casual outfit. The colourful Paisley Blazer which I really love, brought out the look of the outfit. I wanted something different from just plain black dress pants and I added this lace trim. I wore black suede dress shoes with a gold square heel to match my gold headband. This really made my outfit POP!!!! With a colourful paisley blazer like I had, you do not want to add too many colours and direct attention away from it.   So a good rule to follow when wearing a blazer like this is to have neutral colours to keep the focus on the blazer.

I had to have my trendy teddy coat with me since it was a cold day outside and this coat goes with every outfit.

Anokhi Media’s 15th Anniversary was a chance to see some famous people and introduce me to the up and comers of the South Indian Community.I had a chance to see famous artists in the south Asian community as they received their awards

Singer Raghav received Anokhi award.

Interviews on the red carpet

Right: Ruchika Bindra

Middle: Monika Deol

Left: Tamanna Roashan

COPYRIGHT 2018: ANOKHI MEDIA/Nisarg Media Productions

They ended off with the Red carpet and Masquerade Ball.

For the Masquerade Ball, my outfit was EAST meets West.  I went with a two toned dress Black and gold. My inspiration was to feel like a Goddess and I wanted to show some of my roots so i added my hat that I got from pakistan as this is a south asian event. For my shoes I wore my black studded heels and added my fav YSL black and gold purse.  So throughout my whole outfit I had only 2 colours, black and gold but in different textures.

Event located at The Sheraton Centre

Event: Anokhi_Media Website:

Sponsor of event I was apart of: Toronto Fashion Academy Website:

Fall Fashion

We are well into the cold weather, in some places it’s still not that cold.  It gets cloudy and rainy during the season and you really want to stay bright and happy.  I think you can bring this happiness through  expression of clothing.  I did a special photoshoot with Kabir Olatinwo (portrait Photographer).  Which he captured the beautiful colours in my outfit blending in with nature.


Model/wardrobe: Asma AKA Glazaam

Photographer: Kabir Instagram : Kabir Olatinwo



Dress: Zara

Shoes: Burberry

Bag: Tory Burch

Jean Jacket: Bloomingdales

Location: Toronto


I am wearing my classic watch from Welly Merck it’s simple and chic.  you can get 15% off using my code glazaam15 at


Added A black Choker as the dress has print so you don’t want too much going on or else it will clash with a larger accessory.

I added my pearl embellished Long Jean jacket for those cold days and still be a fashionista walking around downtown.

You can shop my outfit by clicking below