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Day around Toronto





Oh what a day around Toronto.  It started out at home I wanted to try the Tarte cosmetics (Rainforest of the Sea).  The gift set had foundation, mascara, facial spray, lipstick and face wash.  It was all neutrals and great for everyday wear.  I had to take off the foundation before I went out as I was allergic.  So Glazaamers always make sure when buying make up read the ingredients so you don’t run into problems with your skin. 



Later I went out for brunch to a cafe called Oretta.  Amazing atmosphere and loved the food.  I would definitely go again.  You can dress up or go casual with friends or a date.  I dressed up for the day.  My blouse and coat are from Zara, pants are from Banana Republic and boots are from Vince Camuto.  I love my boots!! When you have to walk around downtown all day these are the boots to get.  You can dress up with them as they are knee high and there so comfortable with style.  Thank you Vince Camuto for these boots!!!



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A night out with friends

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A day before the new year, more then -20 in
Toronto…What do you do? Go out with friends and enjoy! We went to a couple of places on the weekend instead of sitting on the couch and watching t.v. We went to the rec room then to snakes and lattes. It was such a wonderful night. I wore my new Vince camuto knee high boots with my fitted Zara dress pants and cut out neck pink sweater. These cut out neck sweaters are sold everywhere so not hard to find. I like it because it feels like you’re wearing a choker and focuses on your collar bone and makes it alluring. It’s flattering for any type of body shape, if anyone is having difficulty to find the right sweater you can add this in your wardrobe.