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Well Hello Glazaaammers!! I know it has been a while.   It’s been crisp, it’s been sunny and a bit snowy, but I love it!!  It’s that time of the year where you start wearing your layers and try to hold off on the big coats.  You see all the glazaamers walking around with their big scarves looking glazaaming.  Here are some photos I took while walking around downtown taking it all in.  So we have my shawl from Aritzia which feels like a blanket and keeps you warm and stylish.  I wanted to enjoy some cowgirl time so I added my cowboy ankle boots.  This jacket one of my favorites, long bomber jacket from NUMPH.  The Zigzag texture gives a more pop an eye catch, from the normal black plain bomber jackets.  The Jeans are from Simons, comfortable, soft and warm.  Glazaamers, I would definitely like your feedback on my posts.  Please do comment and follow.