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Eid Day!!!

Pakistani Fashion
Pakistani Fashion #Eid #redcape

Hey ladies!!! This is a blog about cultural clothing from different regions in the world. I take pride in the clothes I wear and I want to share them with you. Let’s talk about fashion!!!  Eid al-Fitr a celebration for Muslims commemorating the end of the Ramadan has just passed.  To celebrate this blessed occasion, I wore this stunning bright red salwaar kameez with a simple but elegant design and built in cape to match.  The pants had an embroidered design which makes this dress look like I was walking on fire, like a superwoman ready to take on the world.  You all know in the west, we have our capes in fashion so both West and East trends have collided for a stylish and modest look. 

Remember Ladies. Stay Glamorous and Amazing. #Glaazaming