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Anokhi Media 15 Year Anniversary

Hey Glazaamers!!! I hope all is well. Last weekend on Nov.3rd I was invited to attend Anokhi Media’s 15th Anniversary Event. This all day  fun filled event gave me a chance to wear 2 outfits. For my first outfit I wore a business casual look and the second event was a masquerade ball were I had a chance to dress like Cinderella with my own twist on it.

First event:

Anokhi Power Summit Awards

For the first event I really wanted to use prints and texture for my business casual outfit. The colourful Paisley Blazer which I really love, brought out the look of the outfit. I wanted something different from just plain black dress pants and I added this lace trim. I wore black suede dress shoes with a gold square heel to match my gold headband. This really made my outfit POP!!!! With a colourful paisley blazer like I had, you do not want to add too many colours and direct attention away from it.   So a good rule to follow when wearing a blazer like this is to have neutral colours to keep the focus on the blazer.

I had to have my trendy teddy coat with me since it was a cold day outside and this coat goes with every outfit.

Anokhi Media’s 15th Anniversary was a chance to see some famous people and introduce me to the up and comers of the South Indian Community.I had a chance to see famous artists in the south Asian community as they received their awards

Singer Raghav received Anokhi award.

Interviews on the red carpet

Right: Ruchika Bindra

Middle: Monika Deol

Left: Tamanna Roashan

COPYRIGHT 2018: ANOKHI MEDIA/Nisarg Media Productions

They ended off with the Red carpet and Masquerade Ball.

For the Masquerade Ball, my outfit was EAST meets West.  I went with a two toned dress Black and gold. My inspiration was to feel like a Goddess and I wanted to show some of my roots so i added my hat that I got from pakistan as this is a south asian event. For my shoes I wore my black studded heels and added my fav YSL black and gold purse.  So throughout my whole outfit I had only 2 colours, black and gold but in different textures.

Event located at The Sheraton Centre

Event: Anokhi_Media Website:

Sponsor of event I was apart of: Toronto Fashion Academy Website:

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