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Fall Transition in the Six

Hey Glazaamers! I hope you had a great summer and you’re excited to transition into Fall.

A good fashion tip is to add Fall accessories with your summer clothes! This can help you save money 💰 and you can use these accessories throughout the months! Especially in Canada when It’s mostly cold throughout the year. You want to get wear out of each piece of clothing and it’s great to mix and match.

This linen knee length Dress is from Old Navy.  It has red and white stripes, so I chose accessories that matched the details on this dress!


Tip: Choose a hat that will go with most outfits as it’s a great way to style when your in a hurry.   Just throw it on with any outfit.

In my pictures i am wearing runners but you can always change it into knee high boots or even ankle boots.

Now you’re set transitioning into fall… Keep watching my instagram posts,  as I will be posting new pictures daily for the fall season! and you can get some inspired looks for the season !

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